Monday, March 25, 2013

Part Two of the Bake Shop Party

So here are the rest of the pictures everyone's been asking to see! (Okay, so just my mom and here you two go!)

Oh...and let's play a game. It's called "How many times did Mylin change her outfit during the party?"

Here are some of the girls eating lunch. 

Kale loves my friend Jamie and just crawled right up and sat with her forever. 

All the little girls in their aprons! Thanks to my mom for helping me sew all of these! They looked so cute and they loved them!

Decorating the cookies. 

Mylin's decorated treats. She did pretty dang good! See the cupcake to the left of the box? My friend had a little chocolate bow mold so we had chocolate bows and oreos for the ears. So cute!

Haha we couldn't get a good picture of us!

My favorite picture of her. Love these girls! This is Mylin with Rylan, her best little buddy! Even though we moved away from her, whenever they see each other they pick right back up and are great friends!

After we decorated the cookies and cupcakes, we played a Cake Walk game. It didn't turn out great because the girls just wanted to stay on their numbers and not switch!

 When their number was called they got to pick a Minnie Mouse treat from the bowl. 

Opening presents. She was so excited! Tim got to come home for the last hour or so. 

Blowing out her candle. We had to do it three times because her friends kept blowing it out for her!

So that was her party! It wore me out. I'm taking next year off!

Oh---did you figure out how many outfits she wore during her party? Four! This girl loves her clothes!


  1. Oh my goodness! You get the best mom award. That looks amazing!!!

  2. It turned out so cute Tori! Love those little aprons!