Friday, March 22, 2013

Mylin's Bake Shop---Part 1

Okay, okay. I know my last post was another party, but I swear I do more than throw parties! We did a lot of stuff between that party and this party! I just haven't felt like posting lately. I actually was not planning on throwing Mylin a party this year. But while we were working on Kale's party, she kept saying how excited she was for her Minnie Mouse party! So I had to do one. But I think I will take next year off and keep it simple! These parties are exhausting. I couldn't have done this one without some help from some amazing friends and family. Thanks to Jamie for designing all the prints and signs and invitations. (I forgot to post a pic of the invitations. I'll try to remember. They were super cute!) Thanks to Regan for staying up with me after midnight setting up and Laurie for staying hours after to help me clean up (did I mention she just had a baby TWO weeks ago?! I was barely moving after having a baby and certainly not helping clean up at a birthday party!) Thanks to my mom for helping sew and Tim for making that awning thingy.

At Disneyland they have a bunch of sweets from "Minnie's Bake Shop", so we decided to go with Mylin's Bake Shop! We frosted cookies and cupcakes and played games. I went with an all girls party this time and we had a really good turnout. 

Okay--so here's the cute stuff!

The "Come In, We're Open" sign on the door. 

Mylin's Bake Shop!

Regan made this cake last night! I think it turned out SO cute.

This might be my favorite part.  I LOVED these little take home boxes that the girls put their cookies in. 

The Menu and drink station. Milk and water.

This is where we decorated the cookies and cupcakes.

That frosting looks like guacamole. It's not, in case you were wondering. 

We had 10 different frostings and tons of sprinkles. We also had mini oreos and little chocolate bows to make Minnie Mouse!

I'm breaking this into two posts because I have a ton of pics, so next post will be the party!

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