Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh Boy!!!

I should have posted this a long time ago, but for some reason, I just felt like keeping it in for a while. But we are sooo excited to say that we are having a little boy coming this Valentine's Day! We found out at 13 weeks that it was 95% chance that it was a boy, so we are counting on that! We have another ultrasound on Monday and I'll be 21 weeks, so we will find out for sure if he is still a boy! (With Mylin we found out at 12 weeks that she was a girl and that doc was right, so hopefully this one is right too!)
Things have been going pretty well. I was pretty sick for those first few months, but luckily the worst is behind me. I've been super tired lately, but most pregnant ladies are! I do have that weird placenta thing again, like I had with Mylin. It is pretty uncommon (only 1-2% of pregnancies have it) and Mylin's doctor told me the likelihood of me having it again was like 0%. He pretty much said I would never have it again. So, of course I have it again! But it's good. I just get to see the doctor a lot and get lots of 3d pictures! There is concern about the baby not growing and emergency c-sections and preterm labor and all that, but they monitor me pretty well, so hopefully everything will go smoothly.
Sorry for the poor quality on this pic. I thought I had digital copies of this, but I only have videos of the entire ultrasound...Not too exciting! But I'll be getting some more 3d ones on Monday, so I'll share those.
Anyways...this post is kinda all over the place, but we are super excited about this new adventure.


I have been so bad at blogging. Once you break the habit, it is hard to pick it up again! Anyways, I have so many pictures to blog, I'm just picking out a few things that I don't want to forget. Nothing super exciting, but things that I want when I print out the blog book. Anyways... Mylin loves purses. She likes to carry them around with her toys inside of them. Yesterday she used a plastic Walmart bag as her purse and wouldn't leave the house without it. This picture cracked me up because we were just hanging at home and she goes and gets her purse and stands by the door and says "Bye-Bye!" and just waited for me to get ready to leave! So of course, we had to leave---she was all ready to go with her purse!

Just a cute pic.

One of Tim's suppliers or someone that has to do with something at his work, gave us VIP tickets to a rodeo. I wasn't too excited because it wasn't until 7 that night and Mylin goes to bed at 8, but Tim talked me into it. He said it was right outside of Santa Barbara, which is half hour away. So I thought it might be 45 minutes tops. As we get going, (Me, Mylin, Tim, and two guys from Tim's work) I realize the dang rodeo is two and half hours away!! Yeah. Not cool.
But it was pretty fun for a little bit. Mylin liked seeing the horses. I liked the free food. Tim's work guys that came with us liked the beer. Let's just say they were a whole lot more exiting to talk to on the way home than on the way there!

Sorry for the random post. I'm winding down to the last pics on my memory card.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


A while ago, (I'm still playing blog-catch-up) my friend Regan and I and the girls decided to do a day trip to Ojai. It's not too far away and we heard it was a cute town so we thought we would go check it out.

Actually, we knew Reese Witherspoon has a house there and we wanted to see her!

Okay maybe it was a little of both! Sadly, we did not see Reese... but we did see one famous person. You'll never guess who!...The mom from Boy Meets World! Hahaha! Don't be jealous.
We saw this lady and knew she was famous and after we got home Regan did a little research and found out who it was. Anyways...we thought it was funny.

We did a little shopping and had lunch at this little restaurant. I don't even remember what exactly we ate, but it was the best food I have had since I've lived in California. It was SOOO good.

Anyways, on to the pictures. There were a few places as we were shopping that were perfect backdrops for cute pictures. Sadly, the girls weren't super cooperative and it was a bit too sunny, but it was still fun.

Mylin just chose to sit in the ugliest corner and wouldn't move. Or smile.

We had better luck with Rylan. She was great for the pics.

This was the only one I got of both the girls together. They were more interested in running around then taking pictures. I guess I didn't get any pictures of the town either, but it is a super cute town.