Sunday, November 18, 2012

Halloween Time

We had a fun Halloween week. One friend invited us over for Halloween crafts and lunch (mummy hot dogs, etc...). Mylin painted a pink Frankenstein. 

The next day a different friend invited us over for a Carmel Apple party. It was set up really cute with an apple station, a caramel station, and a topping station.

Mylin loved it. 

(I think Kale might be allergic to grass. His eyes get all swollen whenever he's near it.--Still cute though!)

We also had our ward Trunk-Or-Treat, which was fun. Mylin loved getting all that candy and keeps asking if we can go "trick-or-treating tomorrow"! We had some friends over to carve pumpkins. Mylin and I did a kitty cat pumpkin and Tim did a mustache. I don't even know why.

For Halloween this year, Mylin was Little Red Riding Hood and Kale was the Big Bad Wolf. I was the Grandma and Tim was the Woodsman. My friend helped me make Mylin's costume. As soon as I knew what they were going to be, I knew I wanted to go down by the library to take pictures of them in the "woods".  They turned out really cute! We took these Halloween evening. Then we went with some friends trick-or-treating and then we went to another friends Halloween party that night! Lots of parties and lots of fun! (I didn't take any pics of the party, but it was really, really cute!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wedding-Part Two

Here are just a few pics from my little brother's wedding reception in Eagar. I only took a few pictures because Candice's sisters are photographers and they had the picture taking covered! If you want to see some good pictures from both receptions, check out her sister's blog
And if you are wondering where my other brother is during this reception, they couldn't come. Kalli was days away from having her baby! (He was very stubborn and wouldn't come out while I was there. I was there for 2 weeks and he came like 3 days after I left!)

My dad made this frame with the curtains and chandelier. He had worked on it for weeks. The morning of the reception, they were lowering it with a crane thing and it fell and broke into tons of pieces! But with some help, they were able to fix it. 

While we were in town, we were able to make it to the blessing of our other new nephew, Boston!