Monday, May 21, 2012


I'm finally getting around to posting about Mylin's birthday party. I wasn't going to really do anything for this birthday since I went all out for her first birthday party and I had a newborn baby. But...I realized I couldn't not do anything! I like to throw parties and have people over, so we ended up having a party. I didn't put near as much time or effort into this party, but it still turned out good. (Thank you to Pinterest for most of the ideas!)

Mylin was REALLY into the movie Tangled so we decided to go that route. I vowed (before I had kids) that I would never ever ever throw a princess party for my girl. That obviously changed when I saw how into it Mylin was! It wasn't super princessy---I went more with the purple and yellow sunburst theme.

Here are the favor bags.

Inside the favor bags: Rapunzel's Paint and Chalk and Tangled candy.

Okay, this picture really doesn't do it justice! I swear it looked cuter in real life! There was a whole other table with drinks and stuff and I totally forgot to take a picture of it! Also, we had big streamers hanging all over from the ceiling and the walls and I forgot to take a picture of that! I was pretty mad that I forgot to take a picture of everything, but it did look cute!

Food Table

Jello Boats: Huge hit with the kids!

We just had the grocery store make this cake. It turned out pretty cute.  

Fruit Towers...Get it? Fruit TOWERS! Because Rapunzel is in a tower!? Okay..I thought I was genius!

I made 6 pizza braids (! Another genius idea! Haha!) This is after I cut them up into edible sizes, but they looked pretty neat before I cut them up.

Rapunzel's Tower: Inside there were princess and birthday books.

Pin the Pan on Flynn. If you haven't seen the movie, this probably doesn't make any sense!

Coloring Station: We had Rapunzel coloring pages  .

Birthday Girl 

Kale had a blast.

Mylin's Aunt Amanda sent her this Rapunzel wig for her birthday and it was a HUGE hit! The girls thought it was so awesome! Thanks Aunt Amanda!

It took Mylin like 5 minutes to blow her candle out!

Opening presents.

Outside our house. 
Glad you made it through all of those pictures! Happy 2nd Birthday Mylin!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Kale: 3 Months

Kale turned three months old a few days ago. We celebrated by going to Arizona! Not really. We did go to Arizona but we went for our niece Harlee's baptism and then we stayed an extra week while Tim went to St. Louis for the week for work.  I drove back to Huntington with just me and the kids and we survived! We luckily didn't hit any traffic (on the way there we got stuck in traffic and went 30 miles in three hours) and made great time. 

This month Kale went to Disneyland and Arizona. He is more alert and smiling a lot more. He is eating somewhat better. I've been talking with my doctors and his doctor and we think we figured out why he was having such a hard time eating. Because of that weird deficiency I have, I have to take 15 pills a day. My pills smell/taste like power bait. They hurt my stomach. So it makes sense that they would hurt his stomach. Anyways, sometimes feeding is worse than other days and when it's really bad, he won't eat. So we've been going back and forth between nursing and formula. We're still figuring it out. Anyways...this month has been much better as far as his eating goes. 

Aside from that, he is doing great!

He makes the funniest expressions! He is the most jumpy baby I have ever met. Whenever a noise scares him (which is constantly) he gets these crazy eyes. It's pretty hilarious. 

Mylin loves to share her stickers with Kale. What a nice sister.