Thursday, November 17, 2011

Utah in July

Ok so this is not the best post I have ever done. The pictures are all out of order and I am SOO behind (like 5 months) that I'm just trying to get it done. I have found that putting the pictures in collages takes the least amount of time, so I will probably be doing a lot of those! I really just want to be caught up!

So in July we went up to Utah to see my grandparents. Mylin and I were able to drive up one day to see my good friend Meredith and her little daughter Hadley. I woke up that morning and could not stop throwing up (I was super sick because I was pregnant, but I hadn't told ANYONE!) and I really wanted to go, but I knew I couldn't drive on my own (like 2 hours away) so I woke up my awesome mom and she drove us to Provo just so I could see my friend!- We went to Quilted Bear and ate at Zupas (which was good, but disappointing. Good because I love the food. Disappointing because I was REALLY looking forward to eating there and I was so sick I didn't really eat anything.) Anyways...we had fun in Provo and we sure miss our friends.
Ok so here are some pics of us just hanging around my grandparent's place. We had a lot of fun and it is always so relaxing there. -- Blake had so much fun jumping over the sprinkler. I have seriously like 25 pictures of him doing it because he would jump and then be like "Take another one!"

We spent most of our time just hanging out on the back porch playing in the water. --And yes, it's a good thing Nathan isn't a girl! :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Change is gonna come

These last few weeks we have had some changes in our lives. The biggest change being that we moved from Ventura down to Huntington Beach. Tim's project finished up in Ventura so they sent us to the next project here in Huntington. And I'm pretty sad about it. I know, I know. When we were first moving to Ventura, I did a post about how I REALLY didn't want to move there and I forced myself to find reasons why I would like living there. I ended up loving living there and I really did not want to move. Yes, I'm sure there are wonderful things about living here (like the shopping. It's pretty great here. And we are even closer to the beach- 2 miles. And we are only 13 miles from Disneyland!), but for now, I am still sad about leaving Ventura. Our first two weeks here have not been great, with both Mylin and I getting really sick and then Tim being out of town for a whole week right when we moved here. But hopefully things will get better and in three years when we have to move again, I will write another post about how I don't want to leave. Positive thinking!

Some of the things I miss about Ventura....

The fruit stands! They were everywhere! No fruit stands here in Huntington.

I also really miss seeing all the fields. Ventura is a huge agriculture town and there are tons of strawberry (and other types) of fields and orchards so it never feels like you are in the city. I have yet to see a field here. All city.

But mostly, I really miss my friends. They are pretty awesome and I'm really sad to leave them. We had a lot of fun together, always going to the park and hanging out and having girl's nights! I only live an hour and a half away, but if you know LA traffic, that most times turns into three hours. Not too easy to just go down for the day.

So anyways...we are here in Huntington Beach and lonely, so remember that we are only 13 miles from Disneyland and come visit!!