Friday, July 20, 2012

Catching Up with Mylin

Mylin just seems to be changing and growing so much lately so I thought I would do a little post about her. 

She has such a funny personality and it's really starting to come out. 
One of her new favorite words is "Ewwww!" She says that about everything. When I'm changing a diaper---When there is water on the counter - When she sees a bug. It's pretty funny. 

Another thing that she says all the time right now is "I'm sleeping." But only when she doesn't want to do something. I tried to get her into the bath and she laid down on the ground and said, "No bath. I sleeping." It's her go-to excuse. That, or "I'm eating." Her excuses are quite funny.

But her number one favorite phrase? "I do it." Ugh. Drives me crazy!  I'm glad she wants to be independent but it sure does make EVERYTHING take longer! 

She loves milk and is a super picky eater. She loves Baby Einstein. I have to sing the Rocketship song to her every night. At least 3 times. Also, her favorite book is still Goodnight Moon. That's a must read every night. 

Anyways...she really likes to help me in the kitchen. Kale likes to hang out there too. 

She loves to do puzzles and play with her magnetic dress-up doll.

More cooking.

I let her mix whatever she wanted when I was making rolls one day. She would just grab something from the spice cabinet and mix it in. I think her mix had parsley, cinnamon, sugar, garlic salt, and who knows what else.

She loves tea parties. Mylin, Kale, Cinderella, Minnie Mouse and I were all invited! We had Cheerios, kiwi, bananas, and water. We had a great time until Kale pulled the blanket and knocked over the water all over everything and then Mylin threw the food across the room. But it was fun while it lasted!

We have a little blow-up pool on our back patio and she loves to swim out there.

She just realized she can see herself in the faucet when she takes a bath and she will sit there and make the funniest faces. It entertains us both!

Mylin also started a little gymnastics class. She LOVES it! The first time on the balance beam she walked across perfectly and Tim and I were so proud--future Olympian for sure. But sadly after that she couldn't walk across it without falling! She's getting the hang of it a little better every class.

 She had so much fun doing the flips and handstand stuff.

The biggest change lately for Mylin is that she is now in her big girl bed! She did okay with the change at first. Now it is just ridiculous. We decided to put her in her big bed because she was always climbing out of her crib. Now as soon as she goes down for a nap or bed, she just pops right back up and walks out of her room. Sooo, she's had like 2 naps in the last two weeks. I'm going crazy. She's a grouch. Not fun. Last night we put her to bed and for an hour she kept coming out. As soon as we put her in and closed the door, she was out of bed again. It's getting so frustrating. If you guys have any tips of keeping her in her new bed, please please please let me know!

Also----We are redecorating her room to go with her new bedding. Hopefully I can get it together soon and then I'll take some pictures. Kale's nursery is finally (Almost) done. 

This picture doesn't do her justice. You cant see that she has two pairs of underwear on over her pants! Anyways...she's a fun girl and we love her!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kale: 5 Months

Well, I'm a little late on this post, but better late than never.

Kale is now 5 months old. He is getting to be such a big boy. He is super strong and loves to kick. The day after I wrote his four month post, he rolled over! Now he is a rolling champ and does it all the time. He wiggles and rolls and will move all across the floor. In the past week and a half he started eating rice cereal and we took him out of the bassinet and into his own room,which is nice for me because he is sleeping a little better in his own room. He only gets up three times between midnight and 8. Nice.

He still throws up a lot. He's kinda a diva baby----good thing he's cute!

Mylin just woke up from a nap, so excuse her hair. But don't let that fool you. She has taken a total of like two naps in two weeks. She's killing me. Anyways, I love this picture because it's the first one of the two of them together where she is not pushing him off of her! Progress!

He loves his bouncy thingy. At least for a few minutes. 

I couldn't pick a favorite of the next ones. He's just too cute!

**Awesome shirt, huh?!

Mid-Roll. He started rolling back-to-tummy, but now he does both ways. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Independence Day

We had a pretty good Fourth of July. 
I was a little bummed because this was the first time in my entire life where I hadn't been with family over the 4th. But it turned out alright. Some friends from the ward invited us to sit with them at the parade. They also invited us to a swim party, a BBQ, and a dessert/firework party. We ended up just doing the parade and the BBQ because of naps and stuff, but it was still fun. 

We rode our bikes down to the parade. This was Kale's first time in the bike carrier and I was slightly hesitant, but he loved it. 

The parade was good. Long (two hours), but good. 

 Waiting for the parade to start.

There were a ton of huge bands, which I loved. But I think think this one was my favorite. Just because I liked their costumes the best!

Kale fell asleep about half way through the parade. 

These planes kept flying over the parade route doing tricks. 

Tim's absolute favorite thing about the parade? This guy right here. He is Daryl from the TV show "Storage Wars". Tim loves that show and he was SOOO excited when he saw Daryl!

One thing I thought was lame about this parade was that no one threw candy or anything. Zero candy. Not even a Smartie! One guy did walk up and give Mylin this little flag (which she thought was awesome!) but no candy.  

Excuse the no shoes.... I can't keep shoes on this girl to save my life 

Some people came by and did these "Face Painting" stripes to all the little kids. Mylin was pretty excited about that. 

After the parade we rode home and the kids took naps. Then we went to the BBQ with our friends, but I didn't take any pictures. They had decorations for the kids to put on their bikes and did a little bike parade. 
After that we came home and did our own fireworks. We thought about going down to the pier to watch the big fireworks but we ended up just being lame and not watching them at all. (Good thing we didn't go to the pier though. My friend went and said it was so crowded it took them almost three hours to get home. They live like 3 miles from the pier!)

Mylin loved helping her daddy with the fireworks. At first she would just sit by me and Kale but eventually she got brave and helped Tim. Towards the end, she was getting too brave and wouldn't move after they were lit so Tim had to pick her up and drag her away!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Best Part

We went up to Utah for my Grandpa's funeral. It was a beautiful ceremony. At the graveside my Grandpa was "piped home." Grandpa's mom was born and raised in Scotland and my Grandpa has Scottish roots (and also went there on his mission). "Piping Home" is a Scottish/Irish tradition where a bagpipe player plays the pipes as the casket is put into the hearse and then again at the graveside as they bring the casket out of the hearse. It's cooler than how I'm explaining it. My sister made the comment that the bagpipes shouldn't be called bagpipes. They should be called tear-jerkers because once they started playing, everyone started crying. They also did a military salute thing with the bugle and the firing of the guns since my Grandpa served in World War II in the Navy. There is something so sad and beautiful to see a casket covered in the American Flag. I didn't get any pictures of any of that because I was just standing there crying. 

You should have seen how many beautiful flower arrangements there were. Prettiest flowers I've ever seen. 

The best part about funerals (maybe the only  good part about funerals) is being with family. I was able to see cousins and aunts/uncles that I haven't seen forever. 

My mom and her brother and sister.

Hanging out at Grandma's house.

It just so happened that in my family there were three birthdays the week of my Grandpa's funeral (one on the day of the funeral), so after the funeral we had some birthday cakes and ice cream.

Later that evening, we all went out to see the kiln my Grandpa helped restore. My Grandpa was super involved with the Sons of the Utah Pioneer program and one of the projects My grandpa was in charge of was restoring this kiln. He spent many hours on it and every time we went to see my grandparents, we went to see the kiln. 

Riding in the back of Grandpa's truck up to the kiln. 

 Hiking up to the kiln. 

You can see the kiln off to the right. Here is a picture of most of my family. Although it was for a sad reason, I was glad to see my family.