Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Mylin!

Today is my baby girl's second birthday. I can't believe she is already two! Time seriously flies. We just love her so much and are so grateful she is part of our family. She has sooo much spunk and attitude and definitely keeps me on my toes.

I wanted to write a few things about what Mylin is like at this age:

She is a dare-devil. She is honestly not scared of anything. She will run straight into the ocean, climb anything, jump off anything...You really can't take your eyes off of her.

She loves Kale. She always gives him kisses and hugs and asks for him the second she wakes up. She gets very concerned when he cries. She will yell, "Kale crying Kale crying!"
She also likes to sit on him...We're working on that.

She loves the park--swings are her favorite.

She loves toothpaste and will eat it unless it's hidden. We can't leave it on the counter or in the drawers because she will get to it. Our toothpaste now stays on top of our dresser!

She doesn't talk very much.

Her favorite color is pink. She asks to wear pink clothes everyday. She is just drawn to everything pink. On Monday she was running around and tripped and scraped the side of her face on the house (which is stucco). It was bleeding pretty bad and she was crying hard and we took her into the bathroom to clean her up. Immediately she stopped crying and she started rubbing all of the blood all excited saying "Pink Pink PINK!"...So I guess loving the color pink is helpful in some ways!

She is great at somersaults. She does them all day!

This was taken the day before I had Kale.

Mylin loves doing activities---She doesn't really like to color, but she really likes to paint. She will always paint her hands and feet and do handprints and footprints.

She loves to read! Yay! It makes me so happy that she likes books. She especially likes to take her books into the tent her Aunt Chelsee and Uncle Daniel got her for Christmas.

Pretty much the second Tim gets home from work, Mylin climbs on his back for "Horsie". She loves riding around on his back!

Okay....baths may be her very favorite thing ever. She usually takes 2 baths a day and will take off all of her clothes and hop into the bath and ask for a bath about 5 times a day!
She especially loves bubble baths!

I know I'm prejudice because I'm her mom, but seriously...she is so pretty! Look at those eyes and lips!
She loves Minnie Mouse. This is her number one favorite toy. She will have a complete meltdown if she can't find her. Minnie goes everywhere with her.

Her favorite book right now...The Human Body. I don't know why. So we are reading to her about brains and digestive systems! She also likes Fancy Nancy and Good Night Moon.

She likes to listen to music and dance around.

Anyways...I know this is long, but there are so many things I want to remember about her at this age!

Happy Birthday Mylin!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kale: 1 Month

I missed posting Kale's Month One picture. The first few weeks after Kale was born was REALLY hard. I was (am) having a hard time adjusting to two kids and when Kale was about 2 weeks I started feeling sick. Really sick. I kept thinking I would start to feel better but I didn't. (It didn't help that I was getting zero sleep so my body had no time to rest and recover...) Finally I went to the doctor (it was actually the first time I have ever gone to the doctor just because I didn't feel well) and it turns out I had really bad bronchitis. I seriously was sooo sick and coughing so bad that I didn't think I would survive! There were a few days where I just sat on the ground and cried because both kids were crying and I felt so sick. Anyways...enough of that. But I was able to get some medicine and after another week I finally started to feel better. Needless to say, not much happened the first few weeks after I had Kale. We survived. That's about it!

So about Kale...His doctor doesn't do month appointments, but at two weeks he weighed 10 lbs 3 oz and was 21 3/4 inches long. I'm not sure of the percentages, but I'm pretty sure it's high! In our ward, he was the fourth baby born this year (by Feb. 7th---FOURTH baby!) and he is way bigger than the other 3 babies who are older than him.

He is a super snugly baby, which I love!

He has acid reflux, which I do not love. We both smell like throw up all the time and pretty much have it on our clothes everyday. I try to catch most of his throw up with burp cloth, but sometimes I think he is done after spitting up 3 times and I put the burp cloth away and then he will do it again. Poor little guy is pretty fussy all the time because of it. I hate it because you can just tell he is hurting. We've tried lots of things to help him but nothing is really working, so if any of you have any helpful hints, that would be awesome!

He doesn't sleep super well yet, but hopefully that will change! Okay--sorry for the rambling. I know this doesn't make sense, but my brain doesn't do well on zero sleep!

Getting kisses from Mylin! Much more enjoyable than when she sits on him.

The next two pictures are pretty similar, but they crack me up because he always has this little scowl! Mylin was always a smiley baby so it's funny to see these scowls.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Feeding the Ducks

Tim's mom came and helped us for a few days after I had Kale. (Thanks again!) One day about a week after Kale was born I felt like getting out, so we made our way to this park. It has a lake and Mylin likes to feed the ducks, so that's where we went.

This squirrel came right up to Mylin and wanted some of the bread!

Mylin was so funny feeding the ducks! She liked to chase them and for some reason she would chase them all bent over like this.

This picture is out of order. Oops.

Colleen took these pictures while I was helping Mylin with the bread and I think they are so cute!
Mylin was trying to take her shirt off to go swimming in the lake.

This was what Kale did!

Throwing the bread.

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