Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Surprise Party

In June, my sister turned 30. We decided to throw her a surprise birthday party. We planned for a long time over the phone/Internet and then Mylin and I flew down early to finish getting ready for the party. Lindsey had no clue we were even flying down to AZ at all! We had Matt take Lindsey on an overnight trip while we watched the kids and set up everything. She had no clue!

The party planners: Me, my mom, and my sister-in-law Kalli. Seriously, Kalli is the best person to have help with planning parties! She is so creative. It was also very helpful that her mom owns a catering company because we had a lot of supplies that we could borrow!

The food table. We had tissue balls and decorations all over, but I didn't get any great pictures of that.

The banner says, "Happy Birthday Lindsey". You just can't read it on this pic.

Here are the drinks. Lemonade and this yummy Ocean Water stuff.

The food was so delicious.

Some salad and our menu!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


So here are the last pictures from this memory card! Only behind five months now! --- At the end of June, Mylin and I went to Arizona for a few weeks to hang out with family.

One day Gav obviously got into the markers. These pictures crack me up!

When we left California, it was a nice 66 degrees. We got to Phoenix and it was 118 degrees! The heat was awful. Mylin's face was always bright red and I'm pretty sure I got heat-stroke one day. So we enjoyed hanging out at the pool.

Although you can't tell by Mylin's face, she really did enjoy being pushed around by Blake!

PS----I know I've asked this before, but does anyone know how to make my picture files smaller on an Apple computer? I hate blogging right now because it takes like 20 minutes to upload 5 pictures. I've tried photo bucket and I couldn't get that to work, but maybe I'm doing it wrong...Thanks!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Berry-Picking Farm

Back in June, some friends and I went to the Berry Picking Farm in Moorpark. (The week before, Gwen Stefani was there with her kids! Too bad we didn't go a week earlier!) It was an overcast day and so I put Mylin in a brand new shirt that I thought would look cute for pictures. We got there a little bit before everyone else, so most of the pictures are just of Mylin -- I didn't get any of our group.

There is a cute wooden train there that Mylin loves to play on.

She was SUPER excited to see the chickens. They have horses, HUGE pigs, and lots of other animals I can't think of right now!

Here Mylin was spinning in circles.

Riding in the wagon with her friend Eliza.

She loved getting out and picking her own berries!

Remember how I said I picked the never-worn cream shirt specifically for pictures? Well, I'm an idiot. We were going to a BERRY picking farm! After one berry, I knew her shirt was ruined! But she was in heaven eating all those berries!

I was all ready to just throw this shirt away and my friend Regan took it as a personal mission to get all of those berry stains out. And amazingly, she was able to get them all out! Thanks Regan! And Oxy Clean.