Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Strawberry Festival- Take Two

Last and final post of the day...

We went to the annual Strawberry Festival again this year and had so much fun! I just love festivals and this one is huge! Of course we ate delicious food and yummy strawberries, but my favorite things there were Mylin and Rylan! Rylan happened to have two outfits that were perfect for the Strawberry festival, so she let Mylin borrow one. I swear, they were the cutest things there!!

The festival started right when the girls were supposed to be down for naps, so they started off the day tired, but they were troopers.

They had such a fun time dancing around!

They are seriously little best friends!

On the bus...

Poor thing was exhausted by the time we left!!

Just another day at the park

Here are just a few pictures from the park. We go to the park usually twice a day. Mylin is a huge fan of parks and slides.

She is also a huge fan of chasing bubbles and trying to pop them.

This is her usual way of going down slides. Every now and then, if she is in the mood, she will go down normally.

After going down the slides a million times, Mylin's skirt was like up around her armpits. This picture does not do it justice. It was hilarious!!


Hey guys!
We are finally back to the world of blogging. Sorta. Our computer crashed like four months ago and we just barely got a new computer last week. However, we got a Mac (we used to have a PC) and I am really struggling with the photo part of it. I cannot figure out how to make my pictures smaller, so they are taking forever to load and since I am like
four months behind, this is no good. So...I guess I will start where we left off. (Just a warning...since we are so far behind, expect a lot of posts in the near future. That is, if I don't get too frustrated with this computer and just give up blogging forever!)

Ok...Umm...we went to Las Vegas for Tim's sister's husband's college graduation. Now Kevin is off to medical school, so congrats Kevin! (This is the only pic I got of Kevin.)

These first pictures are at the little splash pad at the park where we had a luncheon after Kevin's graduation.

The day before the graduation we all went to a jump house thingy. (sorry so vague. It was a long time ago!)

Well one post down, two memory cards to go! (I have a problem with taking too many pictures!)