Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mylin - 11 Month Update

One more month and she will be one! I can't even believe it.

Mylin is such a sweet baby and has such a cute personality. (Although...she can destroy a clean house in like .5 seconds!)

I decided to take a few pictures of things she likes...

She loves playing with the guitar. It's in our bedroom and I usually keep that door closed, but she as soon as she sees that door open, she sneaks in and heads straight for the guitar. She will just strum it and laugh at the noise she makes!

She likes to close doors. However, when after she closes the door she starts freaking out because she can't get out!

She likes to play the piano!

Mylin loves her little walker thing. It folds into a car thing that we can push and she has fun with that. She will push the walker SOOO fast until she runs into something.

One of the things Mylin loves most right now are the balloons she gets from our grocery store! We shop at Ralph's and they almost always give her a red balloon whenever we go. We went yesterday and she was dying laughing whenever she saw the balloon. She will take the balloon with her everywhere! She will start crying if she can't take it in the car. She likes to have it near her when she eats. She will crawl and walk with it. It is pretty hilarious how much she loves these balloons!

And just a few more pictures. Just in case you haven't had enough yet!

Monday, February 21, 2011

LA Temple

Last week we decided to drive over to the LA Temple. We didn't have anyone to watch Mylin, so we just walked around the Temple and went to the visitor's center. It was nice to just walk around and the weather was PERFECT.

She looks like such a big girl in this picture. And yes, she did pick that flower. Oops!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Miss Independent

My baby is getting too big! She started walking this past week!! Well, sort of. She walks/crawls still. She will take like 3 or 4 steps and then crawl and then walk a little bit and then crawl. A few days ago she walked 9 steps in a row!
She loves walking. We bought her a little walking toy last week and ever since she started using that thing, she has been all over the place. It really helped her walking.
One of these days I will get a video of her walking, but until then, pictures will have to suffice!

Look how she falls down. So ladylike!

Here are two pictures that have nothing to do with walking, but they are pretty cute.
She grabbed her oatmeal bowl and tried to feed herself.

I was getting ready one morning and she emptied out the cupboard and climbed right in!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Solvang: Take Two

On Saturday, we went to Solvang (the little dutch town an hour away we went to a few months ago) with our friends Regan and Derick and Rylan.
It was warm when we left Ventura, but after we drove an hour up through the mountains and finally got to Solvang, it was freezing! Of course, we didn't bring jackets for us or for the girls. So right away we went searching for jackets. Regan and I found these sweaters for 10$! Hence the reason we match. Then we found these adorable, really warm outfits for the girls for only 12$. So we did not plan on all matching, but we did anyway. We felt super cool. :)
Everyone thought the girls were so cute!

After we ate dinner and looked around the shops and bought some of the best chocolate I have ever had in my entire life, we let the girls crawl around in this grassy area. For some reason, I was cracking up. They looked like little ninjas pushing the stroller around!

Another fun day in Solvang!