Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Candy Castle and a Ponytail

This year I decided I wanted to invite a few friends over for a little Christmas party. We had some food and hot chocolate and made graham cracker houses. My family makes these every year and I love doing them, so I thought it would be fun with friends.
We decided to make it a boy/girl competition. I'll show you the pics and you tell me who you think won!
Here is the boys' house.
Yes, it is sound and sturdy and huge and awesomely built. (Good thing we had 8 boxes of graham crackers!)
But as you can see, after they spent so much time making an awesome "mansion", they were too tired to decorate it! (This is the final product.)
The missionaries in our ward dropped by so they decided to make a house. They made an LDS Temple complete with an Angel Moroni.

And here is the girls' "Candy Castle". Ya we know it's awesome!

We had such a fun time and we think ours was the best!
These are my friends Ashley and Regan.

On a different note...Mylin's hair can kinda fit into a ponytail now! More like a little horn or something, but it is still cute! It makes her seem really old though, so it's a little hard to get used to.

This was at our ward Christmas party. First time rockin the pony.

And for your enjoyment, here is a picture of Mylin that cracks me up! She climbed into this tiny box and was laying down in it and she fit perfectly! It was so funny! By the time I got my camera out, she was crawling out of it, but it was pretty dang funny.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mylin - 8 Month Update

Well I'm quite a bit late on Mylin's 8 Month post. We had some camera trouble. Anyways...
New this month:
She finally got a tooth! You can't really see it, but you can feel it. Can I just say teething is...fun. Or maybe the opposite of fun!
She's been eating more finger foods as opposed to baby food. My doctor told me to wait until she was 9 months before I gave her any finger foods and my friend's doctor said by 9 months her baby should be 100% on normal food. No baby food. Which doctor is right? Hmm...?
She bangs her head against the back of the high chair when she wants out.
She stood for like 2 seconds all by herself!
Anyways...that's all I can think of for now.
This was the best one I could get with her sign! It gets harder each month.

So you know the "Dimples" story? Well...Let's just say that Tim got a lot of grief over that. Everyone was calling him and giving him a hard time about it. Lots of comments and so on. So I for sure thought that he believed me about dimples. A few nights ago he was trying to make Mylin smile and he started freaking out. "Her dimples! They are almost gone! They don't look as big as normal. Do they?? Look at her dimples. Are they getting smaller?!" Guys, he was completely serious! I guess only time will convince him that her dimples are here to stay!

She is into everything. She climbed into this box and stood on the box inside of it to get something off the couch. Smarty-pants! Haha!

My mom made this little nativity magnet set thing for the fridge and it is Mylin's favorite toy right now. She will go sit by the fridge and pull all the figures off. Entertains her forever.

So there is her 8 Month update. Better late than never!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend...

We had a great Thanksgiving this year. My parents and my sister and her family were able to come out to California for the Thanksgiving weekend. I have more pictures of Thanksgiving and stuff, but they are on a different memory card, so I might post more later. We ate lots of good food (Our turkey was delicious! Thank you Food Network!) and had lots of fun and went to the beach every day.
I think my favorite part about Thanksgiving weekend was watching my nephew Koy see the ocean. It was his first time seeing the ocean and I have NEVER seen anyone more excited than he was! He was like beaming the whole weekend. The water was freezing and no one would get in and then there would be Koy running full blast for the water. He was in heaven!
It was actually pretty chilly, so Mylin is all bundled up.

Mia wasn't quite sure about the sand.

We went to one beach that had a park right on it. The kids loved it because the park had a zipline. Look at the view from the park. It's awesome!

One day we went out to the Santa Monica Pier with the Ferris Wheel and everything. That was pretty fun. Except that I got sick the day everyone came (lost my voice 100%. That has never happened to me before. It's finally coming back but it was all the way gone for about 5 days. It was awful!)

My parents...

Here's the gang! Not complete without Rusty the dog!